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Granite is still the number one selling product for countertops that we sell and provide our customers in the market that we service today. There are a wide variety of colors to choose from in granite, literally hundreds. Some granites have an even or a “salt and pepper” pattern, but some have some of the most beautiful movement throughout the stone. Each piece of granite is very unique and special. When you purchase granite countertops you are getting a one of a kind product because each slab is unique.

Granite is also one of the hardest stones that can be used to make countertops.  That makes it very durable as a countertop and it is very resistant to scratching and staining as well, as long as it is treated with a very good granite sealer. We treat all of our granite countertops with a sealer that has a 10 year warranty as long as it is cleaned properly.

Granite is used in kitchen countertop applications as well as vanity tops, fireplace surrounds, fireplace hearths, wet bar areas and as building stone. Granite is used all over the world in the housing and building industry because of its durability and all of the colors and uses.